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The Private Client Services group is comprised of a hand-selected team of seasoned veterans who understand the unique requirements of high net worth clients. Our professionals are dedicated to providing customized investment and wealth management services to families, individuals and related institutions.

We help our clients hedge, monetize and exit positions in their companies to diversify and preserve capital. This requires considerable planning and strategy. Therefore, we take a personalized and comprehensive approach to develop customized, diversified portfolios.

We support and advance the goals of our clients through investment policy creation, global asset allocation, and the investment management of cash, fixed income and core equities. Additionally, we provide wealth and financial planning services and alternative manager selection.

Our experience and high standing within the wealth management industry is a source of confidence for all of our clients.

Brokerage Services

  • - Restricted securities transactions (Rule 144 and Rule 145)
  • - Restricted collateral loans
  • - 10b5-1 Sales Plans development and execution
  • - Hedging and monetization transactions

Investment Management Consulting

  • - Strategic asset allocation
  • - Manager evaluation and selection
  • - Access to a wide variety of traditional long-only and alternative asset classes
  • - Customized portfolio solutions for unique client needs
  • - Ongoing portfolio evaluation and review

Alternative Investments
Techniques employed in the management of alternative investments may accelerate the velocity of potential losses.

  • - Access to hedge fund-of-funds, direct hedge funds and private investments
  • - Wide variety of strategies and ongoing sourcing of new investment opportunities

Corporate Client Services

  • - Corporate Cash Management
  • - Corporate Repurchase Plans
  • - Venture Services

Fixed Income Portfolios

Livingston Securities Wealth Management believes the primary purpose of fixed income investing is to provide clients with a steady stream of income, preserve principal and balance portfolios by reducing risk and volatility.

We actively manage high quality, marketable and individually selected fixed income securities to try to maximize after-tax returns in furtherance of specific client objectives.

Livingston Securities Equity Portfolios

We believe in keeping equity investments simple, straightforward and understandable. Portfolios are invested in large and mid-capitalization stocks of domestic and global companies. We actively manage high quality, marketable and individually selected fixed income securities to try to maximize after-tax returns in furtherance of specific client objectives believe that companies that combine a culture of innovation with proper financial controls will succeed even in challenging times and we invest in these companies for long-term appreciation.

Successful equity investing requires good judgment but also a willingness to anticipate events that will change perspectives in the future. Our investment managers are disciplined on valuations while investing with an eye toward the future. We are always mindful of the expectations built into stock prices and seek to own companies before their strong prospects are widely evident.

Alternative Investments

As an independent firm with no proprietary funds, we are free to select investment managers that fit our clients needs and interests. Wherever opportunities arise, we are able to identify them and bring them to our clients by partnering with the best of breed managers in that asset class or investment style.

We offer our individual clients a full range of strategic wealth management services stressing wealth preservation through prudent planning. Our experienced wealth management teams provide personal, professional financial advice tailored to each one of our select individual and institutional clients. We exercise prudent judgment and provide unparalleled service to ensure that our clients are secure in their financial future.

Venture Services

  • - Venture Distribution Services
  • - Service-centric approach to stock distribution management
  • - Depth of experience to handle complex distributions and those involving a large number of investors
  • - Complete management of restricted stock settlement from the initial distribution, stock transactions and the final transfer of trade proceeds to the investor
  • - Specialized reports to facilitate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • - Fund level trading of large and / or thinly traded positions
  • - Hedging and monetization strategies for concentrated equity positions
  • - Deep expertise with regulations and procedures under SEC Rules 144, 144k, 145 and 701

Employee Stock Option/Purchase Plans

  • - Distribution of shares allocated to employees
  • - Aggregation of employee shares for organized block trades
  • - Cash exercise of options
  • - Cashless exercise of options