Welcome to the Official Website of Livingston Securities LLC.


Livingston Securities looks to be regarded as Institutional Sales and Trading specialists in our target sectors, from idea origination to execution and after market support. Our clients view our traders and sales traders as product specialists.

Institutional Trading

Livingston Securities' trading expertise is built out from the firm's core competency incorporating our experience and relationships in our key verticals.

  • - Advanced Materials
  • - Cleantech/Greentech
  • - Energy/Alternative Energy
  • - Healthcare/Life Science
  • - Infrastructure
  • - Electronics/Semiconductors
  • - Aerospace/Defense
  • - Technology

Our institutional trading desk provides our institutional clients with execution and product knowledge of the highest quality.

Our trading team professionals provide our clients with liquidity to provide "best execution" and offer multiple execution venues in both liquid and illiquid names.

Institutional Sales

Our Institutional Sales team covers accounts in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, as well as middle market cities like Denver, Washington DC, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Cleveland to provide high quality regional coverage and distribution for our clients needs.

Our Institutional Salespeople cover major accounts in the large investment centers. We regularly hold conferences and roundtables in major cities to introduce institutional clients to investment opportunities in their region. Please contact your Livingston Securities team member for upcoming scheduled events.

Our team spends significant time and resources to develop sales and trading relationships with clients in cities and regions where innovation and economic growth are intertwined. Our focus is to help clients understand investment opportunities in regions where other boutique investment banks may not spend as much time, but where advanced technologies are thriving.

Livingston Securities is particularly well regarded in our focus areas of healthcare/life science, green tech, advanced materials and infrastructure